International Conference “Aquaculture” – 2016

Leonid Podobed
Doctor of Agricultural Science, professor, Chief Scientist of The Institute of Animal Husbandry (UAAS)
«It the first time when the conference devoted to aquaculture is held at such a high level. Here are the leaders of the industry present, the State Duma deputies, scientists.
I should point out very informative program of the event: it includes legal issues that were a brake on the way of development of industry, and economic and technological issues as well. For me as a technologist it is interesting to listen to and debate with colleagues. Unfortunately, there are lack of technological developments in Russia in the field of fish farming, and very few companies concerned with fish food production (this is one of the most difficult feed). That is why we have to buy the bulk of it abroad».
Christen A. Mordal
Business Development Director of Russia and CIS AKVA Group company
«Issues that are raised at the conference are relevant today not only for Russia but also for fisheries all over the world. And here businessmen must be present. They might be interested in the proposals and developments of which speakers talk. I hope that in next conferences there will be more businessmen among the participants».
Lina Lagutkina
Ph.D., associate professor of Astrakhan State Technical University, Project Manager of AquaOrganik - complex technology of organic aquaculture
«Here met hegemons, fish farming luminaries, ranging from feed producers and till the commercial fish producers.
Now the production has a great burden, meaning increasing the capacity of commodity production of valuable species of fish and not premium fish as well. Then, in my opinion, we need to take care of the working conditions. After all, when farming of valuable species of fish the manual labor of women is often used, and subsequently it adversely affects their health. So it would be good if developers of equipment that can automate the process and facilitate the work were frequent participants of such a conferences»