International Conference «World Soy – Feeds» – 2015

Tomas Milki
Executive Director of ISTA Mielke GmbH – OIL WORLD company
– This conference (WORLD SOY – FEEDS) was an excellent opportunity to meet with industry of professionals. The event was very well organized, it is obvious that in the course of preparation was thought not only of the business, but also the accompanying nuances well-chosen hotel, great food at lunch, dinner and coffee breaks.
Vladimir Fisinin
The president of Rosptitsesoyuz, The director of VNITIP, the academician of RAN
– The conference (WORLD SOY – FEEDS) covered not only a wide range of issues but also isolated one major resource - protein: it is soy and soy products. This is an extremely interesting and relevant theme in Russia, because we consider the country not only from the position of an importer of soybeans, but also in the nearest future we are going to engage in the cultivation and processing. I would also to note the depth of speeches made at the conference. All matters discussed not superficially, but from the perspective of the fashionable word "innovation".
Iani Adrian Chihaia
USSEC consultant in South - Eastern Europe, the executive director of the Romanian Association of compound feed producers
- It was the best of all the conference (WORLD SOY – FEEDS), I've ever attended. It is perfectly prepared, it is useful in terms of business contacts and interesting in terms of reporting. Now, when I organize a similar conference in Romania, I will use the experience of the staff ID "SFERA".
Rofat Fatkullin
The director of Mihaylovhlebprolukty company
- I was glad to attend the First World Conference “World Soy – Feeds”. Questions about the properties of soya, its growing and processing, in my opinion, has great influence on the prospects of development of the animal feed industry in Russia. I noted an interesting and useful information from the leading Russian and foreign experts in the industry. Many thanks to the organizers for the warm atmosphere, comfort and attention! I will be pleased to take part in further events.