VII International Conference


Aquaculture: present
and future of the industry

2-3 / 02 / 2022

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February 2
First day
February 3
Second day
  1. Actual situation and future of the industry


  • Fish products market overview. Current industry situation
  • State support actions for an industry
  • Pandemic impact evaluation on the global fish market
  • Shipment of fish products abroad
  • The current situation in the Russian consumer fish market
  • Aquaculture/marine culture & HoReCa: interaction points
  • Brand reputation. Marketing. Branding
  1. Industry advanced technologies


  • Large manufacturing projects development in industrial aquaculture
  • Water quality control in fish cages and recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)
  • Mechanical and biological filtration
  • Subterranean water usage in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)
  • Control and measuring equipment and technical tools using through all breeding process, including modern security systems
  1. Fish health and aquaculture products quality. Breeding and treatment technologies


  • Veterinary safety in aquaculture improvement
  • Infectious diseases problem
  • Viral and bacterial fish diseases diagnostics
  • The most common fish diseases in aquaculture farms
  • The main diseases cause
  1. Fish feed: quality, efficiency, price


  • Feed raw materials production: fish and blood meal, soy and its processing; other raw materials.
  • Alternative raw materials
  • Fish feed recipe: major components, availability and substitutability
  • Russian domestic feed development
  • Foreign feed dependence / import substitution
  • Increase of nutritional value of aquaculture feed
  1. Genetic methods, fish planting material and breeding issues


  • Breeding business development / Breeding centers
  • New breeds of fish / breeding register expansion
  • Planting material quality control and environmental conditions control
  • Economic prospects of small incubator (hatchery) usage
  • Genetic material storage
  1. Strategic ways of aquaculture farms development. Fish processing.


  • Trends and solutions in fish and seafood storage and freezing. Chilled fish production.
  • Industrial freezing equipment: how to preserve the fish and fish products quality
  • Deep fish processing

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