Fish processing and aquaculture technologies
V International Conference

Fish processing and aquaculture technologies

30 - 31.01.2020, Moscow
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Спикеры конференции Conference Speakers
Владимир Иванович Козлов
Владимир Иванович Козлов
Vladimir Kozlov
Консультант ФГБУ «Главрыбвод», Центральный филиал, д.б.н., проф., высококвалифицированный специалист-практик в области рыбного хозяйства
Advisor of the The Main Basin Department for Fisheries and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources (Central Department)
Валентин Балашов
Валентин Балашов
Valentin Balashov
Председатель правления Межрегиональной ассоциации прибрежных рыбопромышленников Северного бассейна
Chairman of the Board of the Interregional Association of the coastal fishermen of the North Basin.
Владимир Мазанов
Владимир Мазанов
Vladimir Mazanov
Директор ООО «Кволити Продактс & Логистик»
Head of 'Quality Products and Logistics', Developer of Aquaculture Projects
Александр Леонидович Ершов
Александр Леонидович Ершов
Alexander Ershov
Глава ассоциации «Большая рыба»
Head of the 'Big Fish' Union
Preliminary program
День 1 ( 30.01.2019 ) Wednesday Day 1 ( 30.01.2019 ) Wednesday

SESSION 1. Aquaculture as a Sustainable Business

  • Analysis of Fish Produce Market. Current Trends and Outlook
  • Legal Support for Aquaculture Development: Has the Ice Broken?
  • Legal Support of Farms
  • Fish Within Technical Regulations: Current Changes
  • Aquaculture Business in Russia: the Key to Success
  • Legal Aspects of Aquaculture Business

Speaker: Valentin Balashov, Board Chairman of the Interregional North Basin Coastal Fishermen Association

Topic: Aquacultural Business in Russian Environment: the Key to Success

SESSION 2. Advanced Technology of Aquaculture

  • Business Models of Fisheries
  • Technologies of Prospective Aquaculture Objects Breeding in RAS
  • Technical Solutions for RAS Designing and Operation
  • Widening Range of Cultured Aquatic Bioresources. Mariculture Technologies
  • Aquaponics as a Prospective and Ecological Cultivation Method
  • Fish Farms Innovations
  • Automated Production Processes Software
  • Ecological Biosafety of Aquaculture
  • Decreasing Water Basins’ Fish Load

Speaker: Vladimir Kozlov, Advisor of the The Main Basin Department for Fisheries and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources (Central Department)

Topic: Business Models of Integrated Break-Even Technology at the Fisheries

SESSION 3. Processing of Aquaculture Products

  • Production Engineering Aspects for Aquaculture Produce Processing
  • Technologies for Fish Primary Processing
  • Modern Methods of Fresh Fish Produce Quality Extention
  • Disposal, Recycling, Waste Reduction and Loss Decreasing in Fish Industry
  • Equipment for Aquaculture Products Deep Processing

SESSION 4. Sales and Logistics

  • Solving Sales Issues: a Practical Guide
  • Strategies of Product Promotion in Domestic and International Markets
  • Fish Products Certification
  • Fish Products Logistics. Logistics Enhancement for Aquaculture Produce Transportation
День 2 ( 31.01.2020 ) Thursday Day 2 ( 31.01.2020 ) Thursday

SESSION 5. International Experience in Aquaculture Development

  • Best Aquacultural Projects International Practices
  • FAO approach to International Cooperation Development in Aquaculture

SESSION 6. Stocking Material and Selection Issues

  • Stocking Material Production in the Russian Federation
  • Increasing Spawn Survival Rate
  • Genomic Selection for Mass-Spawning Species
  • Protection Strategies for Russian Fish Genetic Pool, Saving and Regeneration of Endangered and Degrading Fish Species

SESSION 7. Fish Health and Aquaculture Produce Quality

  • Most Common Fish Diseases in Fisheries. Diagnosis and Prevention
  • Fish Feed: Quality, Efficiency, Price. Where’s the Balance?
  • Quality Control of Stocking Material, Feeds, Environmental Conditions
  • Regulation and Quality Control for Aquaculture Products
  • Retail and HoReCa Requirements for Suppliers Produce
  • Major Aspects of Veterinary Monitoring and Electronic Veterinary Certification

*The organizers reserve the right to make changes and additions to any of the sessions in the program.

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